donderdag 11 februari 2010

The Secret in action!

Today I watched an episode of 'Scecret Millionaire USA' and saw The Secret in action! There was a woman from 'street teens' in LV, who told secret millionaire Greg they had had a 60 day notice on the property they were located in. When he asked her if she wasn't worried about what was going to happen she told him she believed that if she 'did good she would meet good' and she did! She was presented with a check of $ 100.000, this again shows, if you truely believe, with your whole heart, you will recieve!

woensdag 10 februari 2010

I don't need to go look for money, money will come and look for me!

And just that, just that is what I believe. The more I struggle to aquire more money, the more of a struggle I get. As a true believer in The Secret (and yes, I believe in God as well!), I just renewed my focus, money will come looking for me, I truly know and feel it.
But besides this great insight, The Secret has already brought me a lot of happiness. I am much more thankful and loving, and just these feelings alone bring me much more joy, if that would be the only thing you get out of 'The Secret', that would just be great, wouldn't it?!