donderdag 12 november 2009

Oprah and The Secret

Oprah Winfrey is know almost all over the world. As a child, growing up poor, she wasn't the most likely candidate for being a immensely famous and populair talkshow host, yet she became one. And you know why, because she believed in herself! She (probably unknowingly ate the time) used The Secret.
And of course, being the successful and positive person she is, she did a show about The Secret, and not just one show, two shows. You can watch the slideshows and the comments on, just type 'The Secret' and you find the shows (and some other useful links).
Why am I writing about this here? It has been a while since the show aired. Well, this Blog is all about being/ becoming a positive person and in the process achieving what you want. And if I say that The Secret is great, you'll probably think 'Yeah, sure, what has she accomplished', but when Oprah talkes about it in her shows, you know it must be great. And it is!
In short, The Secret says you can be or have anything you want and in short, all you have to do is believe and live your life to receive.
Well, that is just great, isn't it! You could buy the book or the dvd, or my book, but you could also just watch the slides on and read the story, that will already help you alot. Get inspired and live the life you want!

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